Friday, December 6, 2013


Here is another update.

Well, I went to the doctors this morning for a post op. exam.
He said that everything looks good from the outside. The incisions are healing up nicely and there seems to be no inflammation.
The down side is that I will have to have a CT scan and another consultation the middle of February.
That means that we will be stuck here for a while longer.
We haven’t decided what to do about Quartzsite. Right now we are thinking of waiting until after the scan to go down there.
The other alternative is to have Patti follow me down in the TrailBlazer and then drive the car back to SRO for the scan and then drive back to Q. I really don’t like that idea. It means a lot of extra fuel and a lot of driving just to spend a couple of days here and then go back. 
Of course we will see how I feel about things next month. If I’m going nuts we might just do that. The doctor wants me to be very careful for a while. I know that I am not ready to start loading the RV for the trip at this time.

Our grandson, Harvey came by yesterday. He had an essay to right for a history class. The idea was to interview a grandparent or some one over the age of 65 about their life and experiences.


It was fun telling him some of my stories. Lord knows I have had some experiences.

I told Patti that at least if we don’t go to Arizona until February we will miss the cold weather down there. Speaking of cold weather, it has been in the 20’s here at night and the low 50’s during the day with frost on the roof tops every morning.


It is supposed to snow on the local hills tonight.
I know that this is balmy weather compared to what the poor folks that live in the north and mid west are having but it’s cold for here.

We are planning to go to the cabin for the day tomorrow. If it snows up there tonight it should be very picturesque. Of course when it snows up there it usually brings a lot of trees down on the road so we may not get all the way into the cabin. That in itself could make for some interesting pictures.

Okay that’s about it for now.

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