Friday, October 4, 2013


I continued to work on the tire carrier project.

Yesterdays project was to figure out and build the mechanism that connects the carrier to the door. And drill and tap the holes in the bumper for the mount and for a rubber bumper for the end of the carrier to rest on.

It took a couple of tries before I got the connector right.

I started with the bracket that bolts to the door.


Next I welded a bracket to the carrier.


Then I tried using a flat piece of 1/8 X 1” with holes in the end as a link from the door to the carrier.


This didn’t work to well. In order for it to move it had to be left a little loose and the hole carrier was allowed to rattle back and forth.
Not good.

I got to looking through all the junk that I have been hording for the last 50 years and came up with a couple of swivels. I had to modify them a bit as they were too long.


Once they were adjusted the swivels worked perfectly. 


I added a small piece to the bottom of the carrier so it would rest on a rubber bumper that I bolted to the jeep bumper.


All I have to do now, is clean things up a bit, paint and install the bumper and carrier.

Talk to you later.

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