Friday, December 23, 2011


The last couple of days it has been cold and windy.

The exhaust system on the jeep is falling apart so on Wednesday we went to Blythe, CA to do some shopping and check to see if there is a muffler shop there. The only place is the Goodyear auto repair center. I stopped to talk to them about getting it repaired. The guy there told me that I would have to make an appointment for the next day to get an estimate; then I would have to make another appointment to get the work done. Blythe is 20 miles from Quartzsite so that didn’t sound like a good plan. While we were in Blythe we did some shopping and bought some flowers to put around the pond.


Yesterday I took the jeep to Best Auto Repair in Quartzsite to see if they would fix the exhaust system. While we were checking it out with the motor running I  noticed that the fan was wobbling. It turned out that the water pump bearing is shot so that has to be changed as well. While they were preparing the estimate I found out that since the jeep is registered in California they had to order the parts from a dealer in CA. It is illegal to weld the muffler and catalytic converter together so it has to be purchased as a unit and only from the dealer. The end result is that it will cost me twice as much as it would if the jeep were registered in AZ. I just Love California and their stupid environ-mental laws. The parts are on order.

We won’t be going into the desert or any where else until the jeep is fixed. I don’t want the water pump to fail far from home especially in the middle of the desert.

It is still cold but so far the wind hasn’t come up. If it stays calm we may go shoot some clays this afternoon. 

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