Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The first day of winter and at 8:45 am. under a clear blue sky, it is 39 degrees.

On Sunday we went to Yuma. I needed to get some stuff at Harbor Freight. From there we went to visit Patti’s sister Dianne and brother-in-law Wayne. They are doing better than we expected although Wayne is 77 and starting to have health issues. Dianne has lost some weight and is looking better that the last time we visited them.

Monday I unpacked the stuff that I bought and set up my new air compressor.

In the evening we played cards with Becky, Dennis, Shirley, Bill, and Jo Ann and Dave. We had a lot of laughs.

Yesterday we finally made the trip over Preachers Pass.


It is a fun trail with steep inclines


and rough boulder strewn washes.




Eventually we got to the wash where there is an abundance of desert rose, which is a type of quartz. We had lunch in there


and spent a couple hours walking along it picking up fragments of Desert rose.


From there we wandered around the desert looking for the trail back to where Dennis parked his truck.


After visiting several cul-de-sacs we finally made the loop and got back  to the truck around 4:00.

It was another good day in the desert.

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