Thursday, December 15, 2011


Yesterday, we took a ride with Becky and Dennis. Everyone else was had other things to do.

We had planned to go over the south Plomosa Mountains on a narrow, steep trail that goes east over Preachers Pass. When we got to where the trail splits, the right trail going over the mountains to the east and the left trail going north on the west side of the mountains,


we noticed dark clouds hugging the peaks.



After some discussion we decided that since the Rhino is an open vehicle, if it did rain Becky and Dennis would get very wet. We elected to stay on the west side so if it rained they could make it home easier.

We took the left trail over Ibex Pass. Along the way we noticed that there were some new mining claim stakes on the Climax Mine.


While we were stopped to check the claims, the girls noticed a large bird sitting on a rock about two hundred yards off.


It looked so big that at first we thought it was an eagle. We watched it for a while and eventually it took flight and we realized that it was a large hawk.

We continued on our way over the pass enjoying the scenery.




We stopped in one of the washes on the north side for lunch.


After lunch we continued north and west stopping to visit some mines along the way.



We wandered around for a couple of hours riding the merry-go-round as I like to call it. You know, round and round and up and down. Through gullies over steep hills and along narrow washes.


It never did rain so B & D stayed dry all day. Around 3:00 we headed for home.

As always, we had a fun ride.

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