Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Cold again today. This morning about 4:00 the auxiliary propane tank went empty. I woke up to go to the loo and the heater was on but was blowing cold air. Fortunately we have a small electric heater so I turned the propane heater off. When I got up around seven the out side temp was 33 degrees. I went out and turned on the main LP gas tank After breakfast I went out and sat by the pond to read; it was chilly but the sun warmed me up.

Every morning when I start the pond pump a couple of humming bird come flying in to drink and bathe.

I have been trying to get some good pictures of them and this morning I got my chance.

Here are the pictures I got this Morning.






It didn’t dawn on me that I should be taking a video until the bird flew away. Maybe next time.

Patti has not been feeling well she has the Quartzsite crud. Its a cold and Like every year it is going around the Park.

I took her out for breakfast and on the way home we stopped and got the auxiliary LP Gas tank filled.

This afternoon I took a ride over to the Colorado River to see if I could find some mosquito fish or other critters for the pond but I think this is the wrong time of year for small fish. The water is very cold right now but maybe in a couple months it will be better.

I did find some good looking places to go kayaking. Unfortunately I didn’t take a camera with me.

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