Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Patti and I took a short ride yesterday. We went north of town and turned northeast on Plomosa Road. At around the 11 mile marker we turned east on a dirt track and crossed the flats into the North end of the “South Plomosa Mountains”. We drove in and out of some rugged canyons


and visited a couple of mines.


Since we were alone, we didn’t go into them . We stopped for lunch near one mine that we had been to last year.


After lunch we tried to get into some low hills to the north. Along the way we passed one of the few covered mine shafts in the area. Most of the shafts that we have found are wide open. Some of them have a fence around them but a lot of them are unguarded so you have to be alert when wandering around.


After completely circumnavigating the hills, we found that there were no trails going into them. Eventually we got back to Plomosa Road and headed for home.

The last few of days the weather has been cool and cloudy with some interesting sunsets.


It is supposed to rain tomorrow but the sun shine will return by the weekend.

Tonight we are going to La Casa del Rancho, Mexican restaurant for “Taco Tuesday” $1.00 Taco’s.

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