Friday, December 10, 2010


We made it to Quartzsite in two days. it usually takes us two and a half days. This time instead of spending the night at Lost Hills we went on to Tehachapi where we spent the night in a Loves truck stop parking lot. It was very noisy but we did get some sleep.

The next morning, instead of going on to Bull Head City where we normally spend the night, we turned south on US 395 and then to I-15, I-215 and I-10 to Quartzsite. It was a lot shorter trip but a lot more stressful.

I think next year we will go to Bull head City and down AZ-95 to Quartzsite it takes a half day longer but we get to enjoy a good meal at one of the casinos in Laughlin Nevada across the river and Patti gets a chance to pay her Nevada taxes.

It is really great being back in Q. We had a joyous reunion with all our friends. It was truly like coming home. 

Stay tuned for the fun.

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  1. Well Dangit, you guys passed right near our rancho offa 395 near Victorville. I shoulda kep the light on in the window!!
    Maybe next time.
    Nice to hear about your exploits. Take care of yourselves. Marty and Carroll Gibbs