Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Scattered around the desert are several old cabins. most of them are built of stone, of those, most are roofless or partially collapsed.

Last year we found this neat little abandoned cabin with a roof, out east of town.

This fall,  the group decided to adopt this cabin, clean it up and decorate it.




The above pictures were donated by Becky. “Thanks Becky”.

We all went out there yesterday to do some more decorating and put up some “distance to” signs.




The ladies decided that what the place really needed was a lingerie tree so they went to the local thrift store and picked up some dainties.


On January 19th David and Junior are going to roast a turkey in this hole they dug near the cabin. A fire will be lit in the hole that will be lined with rock to hold the heat. After the fire goes out the turkey, wrapped in foil, will be placed in the hole and buried. Then a fire will be lit on top of the whole thing. After about 3 hours the turkey will be exhumed and if all goes well we will have a grand turkey dinner. 


They have already done one and said that it came out perfect.

We are getting the southern edge of a storm that is battering northern California, so today is a bit cloudy and not expected to get up to 70 degrees. I guess I will have to put the doors and windows back on the jeep for a few days.

Tomorrow we are going to Wellton (close to Yuma) to visit with Patti’s sister and brother-in-law.

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