Sunday, December 19, 2010


It started raining around 5:00 Thursday morning. We left Quartzsite around 9:30 heading for Wellton, AZ to visit Dianne and Wayne. As we got further south the rain diminished and it was warm and partly cloudy by the time we got to Wellton. We had a good visit and were back home by 5 PM.

Friday was laundry day. The weather was mild with no rain. Patti did the laundry while I washed the jeep and and did other chores around the place.

While I was washing “Clifford”, Missy and Junior stopped by and asked if we were going for a ride on Saturday. 

“Sure, why not,” I replied.

So, around 10:00 Saturday morning, Missy, Junior, Suzanne, Roy, Patti, and I, headed west from Quartzsite and spent the day going round and round and up and down in the hills behind “Dome Rock”

We passed some modern pictographs (graffiti)IMG_4656

and stopped to search through several Quartz deposits looking for crystals. Unfortunately we didn’t find any.

One spot had some nice deposits of “Chrysocolla” A blue-green mineral like Turquoise. 


I looked it up and apparently it is used in making inexpensive jewelry. This piece was priced at $65.


Junior and I explored a mine tunnel.


It went back around 100 feet. At the end was a vertical shaft that went down about 40 feet. There were some ladders going down the shaft but we didn’t trust them so we didn’t try going down.

The ride was fairly easy with only a few mild challenges.


We were back home around 4:00 and covered about 25 miles.

We went to the Mountain Quail Restaurant with Debby and Mike for the Prime rib Special. Yum!!

Today Patti and I are going to Parker, AZ to do some shopping at Wall Mart. 

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