Thursday, December 31, 2009

Today we took a ride north west of town.
There were four rigs in the group

Debby & Mike,

Becky & Dennis

Carol & Richard
And of course Patti and I.
We went out the road past the "Sunrise Rock Quarry" and around the mountain to the north, stopping for lunch near the "Darling Mine".

On a peek to the north of us we could see a large monument. According to Carol it was erected by a man in memory of his departed son. He must have been very dedicated to his son because the only way to get to the peek is to climb the almost vertical sides of the mountain. It looks like he even used cement to build the Carin

After lunch we continued north and visited the "Dante Butte Mine".
The shaft was very steep the footing was very uncertain and it smelled like the place had been used as a urinal so we didn't go in very far.

From there we started for home taking a trail that the others had not been on before. It took us across the flats to the south and then dropped into a rugged wash heading east eventually we climbed over Diablo Pass and dropped down into Quartzsite.
When we got back we all decided to go to "Silly Al's" for dinner.
It was an other good day, no one broke down and every one had fun.
We may go to Kofa tomorrow.

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