Thursday, December 17, 2009

Well Patti and I are back on the road.
We arrived in Quartzsite Wed. Dec. 16.
The weather is cold in the mornings with warm afternoons and chilly nights.

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I guess I should bring you up to date. with a recap of what we have been doing since last I posted.
As you will recall we got home May 20th 2009.
On the 31st we went to Mat and Elisa's wedding.

In June we went to "The Pacific Primitive Rendezvous" for a week. It was a lot of fun. We got to meet up with a lot of old friends and I was able to dispel the rumors of my demise, which had been greatly exaggerated.

July fourth we were up at Indian Creek where we shot cannons and had a great time partying with friends.

After the fourth of July, we took our grandson, Harvey with us and went to Prineville Oregon to visit with our other grandchildren, Oh yes, and their parents and there new house.

My niece Connie and nephew-in-law Bruce have a lot at Ruth Lake so around the middle of August we went up there with my sister Mary, brother-in-law Tom, my niece Joanne and nephew-in-law Dave and Connie and Bruce. They have a real nice set up with several small tent campers and trailers to stay in and a large dining area. The property is only about 300 feet from the lake so we had a lot of water fun.

On the way home we stopped off to visit with Dennis and Becky at their place in Meyers Flat.

On Labor day we left Santa Rosa and drove up to Glendale Oregon to visit with Patti's sister Kathi and brother-in-law Bob.
We spent some time there driving around looking for possible RV parks to stay in for next summer.
I am kind of leaning toward Brookings or somewhere near the coast. because the interior is so hot in the summer time.

I went deer hunting with Dave and Matt for 4 days. Saw lots of sign but no bucks.

The last part of September Patti and I started working on the Cabin at Indian Creek.
We got all the posts up and braced.

On October 5th we had a work party to Raise the roof. We had a great turn out and in one day got the sub roof on.

Over the next several weeks we finished the roof, plumbed in the wood stove, put down the floor completed about half the siding and put up some plastic windows.We got the kitchen counter installed and covered the back two sides with canvas. Our goal was to have the cabin livable by Thanksgiving. We made it with a week to spare.

We had Thanksgiving at Indian Creek again. It was a small group this year. I think there were 9 of us but it was a good time. This was our 17th thanksgiving up there out of 18 years (one year they were logging the place so we didn't go there for turkey day)

We spent almost every Sunday for 11 weeks watching our Grandson Harvey play football.
His teem who had been the under dogs for the last five years won there division champion ships. Hooray for the Phantoms.

Through out the summer and fall I tried to go kayaking on the Russian River with Bob about once a week.
The river is tranquil and very picturesque.

OK that's it for now.
Stay Tuned

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