Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas was kind of low key.

We had a couple of groups of carolers stop by on Christmas Eve and there was a decorated golf cart parade in the park.

We visited with Mike and Debby for a couple of hours.

On Christmas day we took a ride Northwest of town. We went through a wash that has a virtual forest of dead Ironwood trees along it. We picked up a couple of small pieces that we found lying around.

We got back around 2:00 and went to the "Best Mexican Restaurant" for dinner with Mike and Debby. We visited with them for a while. Mike showed us pictures of the flood they had here last summer. Tyson Wash was full to overflowing. It was a pretty impressive site since we have never seen any water at all in the wash

We are taking a ride somewhere today. I'll let you know where we went in my next post.

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