Monday, December 28, 2009

Today, we took another ride north of town.
We drove back out the road to Bouse, "Plomosa Rd".
Just past the 6 mile marker we turned onto a dirt track heading north. The trail wound along on the flats some distance from the hills and over several sand dunes.
I spotted a Saguaro with a bird nest in it.

Unfortunately, no bird.
Eventually the trail turned east and we entered the rocky hills.

We stopped at Game water system.

From there we continued more or less in an easterly direction passed the "Four Peaks"

We passed several mines and deep, deep shafts. I dropped a rock down one and it took several seconds for it to hit bottom.
The trail went over some very steep passes.

"Clifford The Big Red Jeep" had no problems.
We came back to the Bouse road at the 8 mile marker.
Around 3:30 we arrived back home.
I added some potatoes and carrots to the pork stew that I had started in the crock pot before we left this morning.
By 5:30 we sat down to a toothsome repast.

Tomorrow we are planning to go out to the desert for a weeny roast with Becky and Dennis and who ever else wants to go.

Stay tuned.

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