Saturday, December 26, 2009

We took a ride north of town.
We drove up 95 to the highway to Bouse AZ. where we turned east. We slowly drove along the road for several miles until we saw some tracks heading off into the desert to the southeast. We turned onto it.
The trail wound up into the hills, zig zagging around rocky outcroppings and through rock strewn washes.
After a while we came to a ruin of some kind.

I couldn't be sure what the ruin was but someone had put a lot of time and energy into its construction.
On a hill to the east was a memorial to one "Bill Mills".

Perhaps he had had a mining claim here although the ruins didn't give us any clues as to what was built there.
We followed the track to the southeast twisting through the gullies and over rocky ridges, passing a red rock arch.

After winding around through the canyons we broke out on the west side and got a view of Quartzsite.

We came to a well traveled track and turned onto it heading south. After following it for a while we came to a ATV trail going up a canyon to our left. I turned onto it and we bounced along it to its end where we stopped for lunch. The canyon walls were pocked with caves large and small.

After lunch we headed back toward the main track.
As we rolled along we spotted a couple of Cholla cactus skeletons. We stopped and picked them up as a gift for Becky and Dennis. Eventually we came to I-10 where we turned west and in a few minutes we were back at Plan B.
Patti finally got a picture of a Cotton tail rabbit, as we sat at our dinette looking out the window.

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