Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Van is Ready! I think.

Finishing up the Van.

This morning I filled the radiator in the van and started it up.
It ran fine , no horrible noises, no leaks, no smoke.
I shut it down and then gave the van a grease job.
I drove the van to the gas station to top off the tank and take a little test ride. While I was there I checked the oil (my driveway is too slanted to get an accurate oil check) . Everything seems to be fine, I think it’s ready to go.

Getting ready for the Great Divide.

Later in the day I started collecting stuff to put in the van for our trip on the Continental Divide. The biggest issue will be storage but we won’t need to much stuff as we will not be totally isolated on this trip.  We will leave here Wednesday 7/12 and are supposed to meet the other travelers in Eureka,  Montana to start the actual Divide trip on July 24th.

There is still a lot to do but the afternoons have been too hot to do much.


Today we start serious packing. This will probably continue right up to the time we leave.

This trip should be quite an adventure so read about it right here and at “Bob’s Eyes”

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