Sunday, July 16, 2017

The 2nd leg of our trip to Eureka, Montana.

Leaving Kathi and Bob’s.

We got up early and around 8:30 we said good by to Kathy, Bob and their grandson, Lucas.
We had a very nice visit; Thanks Kathi and Bob.

Heading North

We drove north from Glendale, OR to The 7 Feathers Casino where we stopped to gas up.
From there we continued north to Roseburg, OR where we turned east on Hwy.138.
The highway follows the Umpqua River and is a nice scenic ride.


The Van.

The van is running a little better than it was when we got here but still isn’t running right. There are still hesitations and stumbles when accelerating but it has enough power to climb over the mountains between I-5 and Hwy. 97. I guess that will have to do until we get to Redmond OR.  I will see what I can do for it when we get there.

Arrive in Redmond, OR.

We made it to Samantha’s place by around 2PM.
Samantha is our granddaughter and lives in Redmond so we plan to spend a couple days here.
We visited with Samantha and I took a little nap.

The heat and the stress of the drive (with the van not running so good) wiped me out.

Sue and Mike.

Sue and Mike are Samantha’s other grandparents and live here in Redmond. Patti and Sue talked on the phone and it was decided that we should meet them at a restaurant called Madeline’s.

Supper at Madeline’s

Patti, Samantha and I got in the van and drove to the restaurant. Sue and Mike were there already.
I wasn’t very impressed with Madeline’s; we were there for an hour before we got our food. I wasn’t very hungry so Patti and I shared some fish and chips.
3 small pieces of what looked like frozen Fish Sticks that were over cooked.
It was supposed to be Halibut.
I don’t know if it was or not, but if it was, it was the worst piece of Halibut that I have ever eaten.
I don’t know about the other meals, although Samantha’s steak looked okay.
I am afraid that Madeline’s won’t get my endorsement.

Cards at Sue and Mikes.

After supper we went to Sue and Mike’s to play cards.
They introduced us to a game they call ‘Shanghai Rummy’.


It is an interesting game that takes a lot of planning and thought.
I Lost!
We left Sue and Mike’s around 10:00 and went back to Samantha’s.

Today: Sunday.

Today I am going to see if I can figure out what’s going on with the TBI. Wish me luck!

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