Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Prepping for the Continental Divide Trip.

Installing New Lighter Socket.

First thing Monday morning, I installed a second cigarette lighter socket so there would be a place to plug the GPS in and another place for the XM radio.
That only took about 20 minutes.

Taking Care of Business.

Once Patti got it going this morning we went to the bank so she could get some cash for the trip. After that we went to see our financial advisor to take care of a few things.

Grocery Shopping.

After leaving Joel’s, we went to the Walmart Neighborhood Market and did our grocery shopping.
We were able to get almost everything there. We will still need to stop on the way out tomorrow for a couple of last minute items.

Loading the Van.

When we got home, we continued loading stuff in the van.
We put all the non perishable stuff on the racks. All the paper products and canned food will go a large wooden box that doubles as a step and can be left out side at night.

Loading the van is kind of like putting together a Chinese puzzle; everything has to fit just right, so it takes a while.

Ready to Go.

Okay it looks like we are pretty much ready to leave tomorrow.
We don’t intend to get on the road until after lunch as we are only going as far as Fortuna, CA. where we will spend the night. It is about 5 hours drive from home.

Okay that’s it for now.
I’ll try and post as often as possible but there will some gaps as we will be in the mountains for a lot of the trip. 

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