Friday, February 17, 2017

Ordered Shocks, and a Flat Tire and a Canceled Trip.



Ordering New Shocks.

The first thing I did this morning  after breakfast was to order a new set of Rough Country N2.0 shocks for the jeep. I paid extra for two day shipping so I hope I get the shocks by Saturday. Packages usually get delayed here in Quartzsite so I will just have to wait and see what happens this time.

A Flat Tire.

I went out to the jeep to get something and noticed that the passenger side rear tire was almost flat.
I removed the tire and replaced it with the spare.
Tomorrow I will have to take the flat tire to Blythe to get it fixed.

A Canceled Trip.

We had planned to take a trip to Yuma on Friday to visit with Shirley and Bill. We were going to pick them up and join three other jeepers to do a trail in the Yuma area.
Unfortunately Thursday morning I woke up with the (Quartzsite Crud); The cold that sweeps through all the old folks in Quartzsite every year.

Then there is the flat tire to get fixed on Friday and the broken shocks to replace.
I hope I can get things back to normal by Monday. Of course it is supposed to rain Saturday and Sunday so I don’t know when I am going to get the chance to work on the shocks but we will see what happens. Maybe I can erect a tent or something over the jeep so I can work on it in the rain.

A Nice Sunset.

Last evening we were treated to a nice sunset.



Okay that’s it for now.

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