Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Harquahala Mountain and the Black Rock Mine.


A visit from Jo Ann and Dave.

On Sunday Jo Ann and Dave stopped by for a visit. While they were here Dave expressed an interest in going to Harquahala Mountain.
We made plans to meet at the Arco Station Tuesday morning at 9:00.

A broken Jeep.

We would have normally been going for the ride on Monday but Denis’ Jeep was broken. He had to go to Blythe on Monday to see if he could get the part and try to fix the jeep.
Therefore, we decided to take the ride on Tuesday.

Tuesday Morning.

We went to the Arco station around 8:45, topped off the fuel and waited for the rest of the group to arrive. Around 8:55 Jo Ann and Dave showed up.

Dave told us that the other two jeeps weren’t coming.
The jeep dealer in Blyth didn’t have the part in stock so Denis had to order it. I guess it will be a few days before he gets the jeep fixed.
Bummer!!Baring teeth smile

On Our Way.

So it was just Jo Ann, Dave, Patti and I on the ride today.
Around 9:05 we got on I-10 heading east. We took the Highway 60 off ramp and followed 60.


We followed 60 to the town of Salome where we turned south on the Salome Hwy. and drove about 20 miles to Eagle Eye Mine Rd.


Here we turned east and drove about 8 miles to the turnoff for the Harquahala Mountain trail.


We aired down at the ATV staging area.


On the trail.

The trail starts out fairly easy…


but gets a little tougher once it starts up the mountain.


Here you can see the trail climbing the mountain.


The trail is about 8 or 9 miles to the top and though it isn’t particularly challenging it is bumpy as hell.


Arriving at the Top.

After about 45 minutes we arrived at the top of the mountain.


There are some picnic tables up here and it was about 11:30 so we decided to have lunch up here and enjoy the view.


Here are a couple of the views.



Looking southeast.


The Black Rock Mine.

After lunch we headed back down the mountain. It took us about the same amount of time to get to the bottom. Once we were at the bottom of the mountain we headed east on Eagle Eye Mine Road.

About 5 miles down the road we turned south on Little Horn Peak Rd.

We followed this trail keeping to the right and after a couple of miles we came to the Black Rock mine.
This mine is interesting in that it has several tunnels going into a black rock cliff.

Inside the tunnels there are several other tunnels.


I went into the tunnels to take some pictures.


Most of the tunnels are interconnected.


We wandered around here for a while checking the tunnels but eventually it was time to leave.

Super on the Way Home.

We drove back to Eagle Eye Mine Rd. and aired up the tires.
After airing up we headed west until we came to Salome Highway and turned north at Hwy. 60 we turned west.

On the way out this morning we drove through the town of Brenda.
There is a restaurant here called the Black Rock Café. We were told that it was a good place to eat so on the way home we stopped to check it out.
The food was okay and the price was reasonable.

It was a fun ride and a good day. The weather is finally warming up. I hope it continues. 

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