Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Little Shooting, A Ride to The B&B and some Camera Glitches.

Published at McDonalds in Quartzsite.

A Little Shooting.

On Saturday (2/4) Dave bought a half 55-gallon drum with legs on it to use as a fire pit.
Then he invited us to come over and have a weenie roast that evening.
While we were sitting around the fire we decided that the half drum needed some holes in the side so it would breath better.

I jokingly volunteered to shoot some holes in the drum with my .45 pistol.
We all laughed at that suggestion and forgot about it.

On Thursday Dave tried drilling some holes in the drum. He tried a couple of different sized drills but they all took a lot of time and work to get the holes drilled.

Around 1PM Dave and Denis showed up with the half drum in the back of Dave’s pickup.
They wanted to take the drum to the desert and shoot some holes in it. Smile

I got my .45 and my .22 cal. pistols and a bunch of amo.
As we were getting ready to take off, Dennis M. showed up. We told him what we were up to and he asked if he could come along.
Of course we said yes.
We had to wait a few minutes for him to go get his guns and once he was back we headed for the desert just north of the golf course. Here there are several places where people target shoot.

We found a good spot with a high back stop and proceeded to blast away at the drum.
Denis is from Quebec, Canada and the Canadian government doesn’t trust its “subjects” enough to allow them to own firearms so he doesn’t get much chance to shoot. Therefore we made sure that he got to shoot all the guns we had.
It was a lot of fun and we spent an hour or more blasting away at the drum.

Camera glitch #1

I FORGOT MY $%#@& CAMERA!!Baring teeth smile
So I didn’t get any pictures of the drum shoot.

Deer Run B&B.

Friday, Patti went to the launderette to take care of the laundry.
I did house work and cleaned my guns.

Around 1:00 Sue, Denis, Diane, Johnie, Lise, Frank and Dave showed up at our place. Jo Ann is still not feeling well because of a bad cold.
Dave needed a copilot. They asked me if I would mind riding with Dave on a ride to the Deer Run B&B. which is a place in the desert south west of town.

I called Patti on the phone and told her what was up and that I was going for a ride.
I made sure that I didn’t forget my camera this time. I grabbed my Pentax adventure camera and off we went.

Camera Glitch #2.

While we were heading out Dome Rock Rd. I tried getting a picture. When I pulled the camera up to take a picture the door on the camera where the battery and the chip is, fell open. Oh s*&t I don’t have a chip in the camera; it is still in my computer from the last time I down loaded the pictures.

I realized that the camera has some internal memory so I closed the door and took a picture.


We went out Dome Rock Road and turned south on Cholla Rd.
We followed Cholla until the pavement ended. Here we turned right onto a dirt road and stopped to air the tires down.


Once we were aired down we headed out the trail that will eventually take us to the Deer Run B&B and beyond.


Deer Run B&B.

After a couple miles we came to the B&B.


The Deer Run B&B is just a slab in a canyon that people have sort of adopted as a place to party. They have left a lot of furniture and other stuff here


including a nice fire pit.


A Rare Sighting.

After a short visit to the B&B we continued along the trail.


We stopped to check out this old powder safe along side the trail and then moved on.


A little further along the trail Johnie and Diane stopped. Dave and I were behind them so we stopped also. We didn’t know why they had stopped until they moved on.
Then Dave asked; “what’s that critter walking along the road?”
”Holly Crap!” I exclaimed. “That’s a desert tortoise!”

We stopped to take some pictures and called the rest of the group back to see the tortoise.


I thought to myself “Boy Patti is going to be bummed because we have been looking for tortoise's every time we go out and this time I am on a ride without her and I see a tortoise.

Camera Glitch #3.

Unknown to me, the on board memory was already about half full when we started as I didn’t know there were pictures already in memory. 

This is the last picture I got on this ride before the memory was filled. A beautiful desert scene.



A little while after I got home Patti threw out a few carrots and a little later the bunnies showed up for the feast.
By now I had cleared the internal memory in the camera and installed the chip. I got a couple pictures of the Bunnies eating the carrots.

This is the best one.


A fun ride and of course a good day.

Today (Saturday).

Breakfast at Bad Boys

I asked Patti if she would like to go Bad Boys for breakfast this morning.
She was for it but wanted to call Donna because Donna had mentioned that she wanted to go with us some time if we went to “Bad Boys” for breakfast.
Patti called her and planned to meet Donna and her room mate Susan at Bad Boys at 9:00.
We met them, had a good breakfast and a nice visit.

A Chance Meeting.

On the way home we decided to go by Denis’ place to see if they wanted to go for a little ride today.

As we were driving along it started to sprinkle. We decided that it was not going to be a good day to attempt crawling up a desert wash.  We were just east of the Tyson wash crossing where I had decided to turn around when I saw Denis walking along the road. I pulled over and stopped to visit.

Camera Glitch #4.

While we were visiting with Denis, two Coyotes walked down the wash not twenty five yards away.
Damn! No camera, again!
You would think that after spending this much time in the desert we would automatically have a camera with us at all times. You just never know when a critter will walk right out in the open.

Now, I have to go some where to publish this as we are out of data on our hot spot.

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