Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Short Ride and a Weenie Roast


Good Weather Breeds Boredom.

The weather has been Beautiful the last few days and it is hard to just sit around reading.
Yesterday around 1:00, we got bored and decided to take a little ride.

We headed out Sunkist Road to the trail that goes over Preachers Pass. We turned onto this trail heading east toward the Plomosa Mountains.
After about a mile we came to a trail cutting across the trail we were on that goes north/south. We turned south on this trail so we could follow the western edge of the mountains.

More Patton’s Army Stuff.

As we traveled along we passed more left over stuff from WWII when General George Patton was training the army to fight in the desert. There are remnants of this army all over the desert around here. We even found traces of the army on the California side of the Colorado River.

This spot has a couple of rock outlines of where there were pathways and tents set up. It also had some stones that spell out (0-124). Probably a division or company designation.


A Gnarly Tree.

At one of the washes that we crossed, we turned toward the mountains and followed it for a while hopping that the wash would lead us into one of the canyons. Close to the mountains the wash became a little rougher than I like to go on when we are by ourselves so we turned around and retraced our track. As we went along we saw several gnarly tree skeletons.
This is one of them.


A surprise Weenie Roast.

We got home around 3:30. Around 4:00 we got a call from Dave R. He invited us to come to their place for a weenie roast.
It sounded like a good idea so we went to the store and got some hot dogs and buns and stuff and went to Jo Ann and Dave’s for a weenie roast. Shortly after we arrived, Sue and Denis showed up. A little later Lise and Frank came by. We all sat around Dave’s new fire pit, visiting and burning hot dogs.

We made arrangements to take a ride on Monday.

Around 8:00 Patti and I went home.

It was a good day and a fun time at the weenie roast.

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