Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weekend at the Cabin.


We went to the cabin on Friday, right after Patti’s PT appointment.
Joanne and Dave were already there when we arrived around 1:30 It was very hot Friday afternoon so we had lunch and just followed the shade around the campsite  for the rest of the day.

Saturday morning was very cool and cloudy. Dave and I took a walk up the road toward the Bear Spring. We stopped by the main spring tanks to check them out. Everything  looked good there.
We then removed a small tree that had fallen across the road.
We then continued up the road to the trailhead for the cabin loop trail and walked out the trail to the third bench about 1/4 mile out the trail. We sat around there for a while BS”ing; then headed back to the road.
We headed on up to the Bear Spring. Surprisingly there was still some standing water in the spring area. We walked around the area for a while and then headed back to the cabin.

After dinner we got together in the cabin and played Ukrainian Rummy for a couple of hours.


I woke up Sunday morning and from my bed I could see that the sky was bright red.
It turned out that the color was caused by the sun coming up and shining through the smoke from a fire that exploded in Lake County on Saturday. In around 8 hours the fire consumed 47,000 acres, the towns of Cobb, Middletown and a large portion of Hidden Valley Lake and several other small communities. The fire is about 60 miles east of Boonville but we could smell and see the smoke in the air.

Before Breakfast Dave and I went up to the trailhead and finished cutting up a tree that I have been chipping away at since the spring.

We had a big breakfast I made a frittata of eggs, potatoes, cheese, Linguica sausage and mushrooms.

After breakfast we cleaned up the cabin loaded the car and headed for home.
When we got home Patti realized that she had left her wallet at the cabin.
I was looking for a reason to go back to the cabin to bring home my kayak so Monday morning I headed for the cabin.
I retrieved the wallet, bolted the rack on the jeep, loaded the boat on it and headed for home.

Okay, that was our weekend at the cabin. Now I have to concentrate on loading the van for the trip to Jarbidge, Nevada on Friday.

Oh! By the way: I had some time before we went to the cabin on Friday so I re-glued the loose carpet on the roof of the van. When I got home that piece was still stuck but the other piece was loose in a couple of places. I don’t know exactly what to do about it. I think I will take a can of glue on the trip so If the roof falls in I can maybe glue it back up. I’m beginning to think I may have used the wrong glue.  

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