Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nevada trip day,5.

Morning visitors:

Woke up to another crisp clear morning.

After breakfast, while I was sitting in the van working on the previous days blog (the son light makes it hard to see the screen on the laptop); we could hear some bells. The bells sounded like cow bells but we new that there were no cows here only sheep.
In a little while we could hear the sheep moving in the aspens around us Up the road was a clot of sheep milling around apparently trying to decide whether or not to pass our camp.


Eventually they decided to take the other road and go around us.

Their caretaker dogs on the other hand were very friendly and came to check us out.


The fuel leak:

It was getting close to time to leave so I decided that I had better check on the fuel leak. I oppened the engine compartment started the engine and fuel pissed in a thin stream out of the connection. 
Ok, what to do?
When I put the fitting on the last time it wouldn’t tighten up properly due to the fact that some of the threads were stripped. Also there is a thick washer on the fitting.
I decide that if I discard the washer, that will allow the fitting to catch more threads in the carburetor and if I use the rector seal again it should not leak. 
I cleaned the fitting and the carb up, removed the washer, spread rector seal on the threads and screwed the fitting into the carburetor. This time the fitting screwed up tight and rector seal squeezed out around the edges.
I sure hope it works this time. There are a couple more options that will keep us out here playing  but we are running low on ideas.

I buttoned everything up packed up the tools and we headed out for another day of cruising through the country side.


Heading for the Rez.

We drove north east on Maggie Smith road for several miles. It is a pretty good dirt road and goes over Maggie's Pass. The road goes through aspen groves


and through rolling hills.


I always enjoy stopping along this road and taking a couple pictures of the “Auto Parts Gang”.


They have painted the old gang up a nicely since the last time I came by here.

After taking a few pictures we continued our drive.

We eventually got onto state highway 226 and drove north to the Duck Valley and the town of Owyhee Nevada. We topped off the fuel tanks. and went to the store for more meat and other supplies. They had an Ace hardware there so we went there and I bought a couple of washers that might work on the carburetor leak if we need it. So far it looks good.

We left Owyhee and headed back into the mountains I couldn’t tell you what roads we took but eventually we came to a central place in these mountains called Point of Rocks it is a big intersection of mountainroads with cool rock formations.


About a mile from here we took a small road to the right and followed it for a couple of miles


Eventually we came to an old homestead with the original log buildings sitting atop a knoll,


overlooking a nice pond and meadow.


We spent our time checking out the old log buildings. This one looked like the main house.


Some one had, at one time, spent the money to bead board the entire in side of this house.


Whooping Cranes

In the evening we took a walk down by the pond and along the road by the meadow. We saw three Whooping Cranes in the meadow. They kept moving away as we walked along the road and stayed a long distance away. I was surprised that that I got a picture of them at all.


Inside Early

After we got back from our walk, we sat on the knoll and watched the sun set. As soon as the sun set the temperature dropped. There was a breeze blowing across the top of the knoll and lots of dry grass around so we didn’t have a fire.
Around 8:30 we retreated to our campers and I worked on the blog until around 11:00 it got cold enough in the van that I actually started my “Buddy heater”. Man! That thing on high. will run you out of a little van like this.

As you can probably tell we are having a good time just cruising the desert.

End of day 5.

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