Monday, September 28, 2015

Nevada Trip Day, 11.

The third leg of our journey home.

It was quite cool down along cottonwood creek this morning so I slept in as long as I could. When I finally crawled out of my cave the sun was shining and it felt good.

After breakfast; I started stew meat, onions, garlic seasonings, and a rue in the crock pot. I plugged it into the inverter, turned it on and we hit the trail.

We drove south west on the dirt road from Willow Creek Reservoir to Golconda. We stopped for a couple of brakes; once at where the dirt road meets the pavement. Here we dumped our garbage and I aired up the van tires.


A Stop in Winnemucca

We followed the paved road to I-80 where we went west toward Winnemucca Nevada.
When we got to Winnemucca we stopped for gas. Once the tanks were filled we went to Walmart and bought a couple of CB Radios.
I needed to replace the one I had that didn’t work right and Bob had to replace the one that he gave me that didn’t work right. That might not make much sense but nether do these radios.

From Walmart, we went to the Napa store to see if I could get a new air filter for Pigpen. The van has been has running a little rich in the high country. The filter was pretty bad when we started and the dusty roads  haven’t helped.
The Napa store didn’t have the right filter so I decided to just leave the filter off until I get home and have then time to hunt one up.

Camp 95

We left Winnemucca and continued west toward our camp spot near where 95 heads south from I-80.

When we got to camp around 3:30, I put the canned potatoes, mushrooms and green beans in the stew. around 5:00 the inverter shut off and dinner was ready.

Later on that evening we sat and watched the last sunset of this trip.


It was a nice one.


End of day 11

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