Monday, September 28, 2015

Nevada Trip Day10.

The second leg of the trip home.

We left our camp on Columbia creek around 10:00 heading for Willow Creek Reservoir.
It was an easy trip. It only took us about five hours and it is less than 50 miles. We do poke along and enjoy viewing the countryside.


Unfortunately we were a little too early in the fall to see the Aspens if full fall color. But we got to se some of them.

We took a break at the inlet creek to bull run reservoir.


Further down the road we stopped at this large turn off and had lunch.


We were here for over an hour and did not see one other vehicle.

Arrive at Willow Creek

Eventually we made it to Willow creek dam and pulled into the view area. We spent some time here posting our blog’s for the last several days and enjoying the view.


After posting we drove down to our camp spot by the creek.


Dinner and Sunset show.

I cooked us some fried pork loin with onions, garlic, potatoes and mushrooms.

By the time we finished eating the sun set show was just beginning.
It started off a little weak but improved greatly as it progressed.


The mesa to our right lit by the setting sun.


Willow leaves stand out in dark contrast silhouetted against the reddening sky.


The sunset sets the creek on fire.


Okay, I have to stop with the sunset pictures.

It was a beautiful end to a good day.

Tomorrow we head for our spot off highway 95.

End of day 10.

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