Saturday, September 19, 2015

The First Day of the Journey,

Bob got to our house around 10:30 after BS’ing a little we had our pictures taken and headed out of town for the Nevada High desert.


Our plan was to take highway 29 through Middletown to Highway 20 and stay on highway 20 all the way tpo Immigrant gap on I-80, then continue east on 80 to where highway 95 goes south off 80. where we will camp for the night.

We drove over to Calistoga where we hopped to get on 29. when we got there the road was closed. There were CHP and road guards turning everyone around due to the big fire in the Middletown area.

We headed south from there on 29/128 to the town of Rutherford where we turned east on highway 128 and followed that to winters where we picked up I-505. we headed north on 505 to 5 and continued north on 5 to Williams and highway 20. It took us a little longer to get to this place than if we could have gone through Middletown but it was a nice drive.

We headed east on 20 to I-80 where we went over Donner summit, through Reno/Sparks and around 6:00 we got to our camp spot.


Had a good nights rest with no disturbances.

My Verizon wireless works out here so I will try to post this now. 

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