Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Worked on the auger, bought a table and visited with relatives. 10-07-14

This morning after breakfast I went out into the shop and started the repair on the 1-1/4 in. Auger handle
that I broke making the holes for the legs on the benches that I built at the cabin. Whew!
The way the handle broke was that it split long the grain. I cleaned the two flats of the handle and rough
sanded them and laid them on my welding table.


Next,  I mixed up some JB weld and after several batches had the flats and the
groove in the handle liberally coated with epoxy. Then I clamped the whole sticky
mess in a vice, put a clamp on each end to hold them together and cleaned off
most of the overflow.


Now it will sit for a while. I probably won’t get to work on it again until at least
Thursday. I found a couple cutlery screws in my stash


So I am going to try and put them through the handle to help hold it together.
I’ve never used these screws before so it will be interesting to see if I can make
them work for this.
After I was done with the auger, Patti and I went to Lytton Springs to see if we
could find a table with a pedestal. We found a nice light oak dining table on a
pedestal for $25.00.


All I need is the pedestal


I’ll sand it a bit and throw some dark stain on it and it should fit right in with my
old table top.

On the way home from Lytton Springs we stopped at Joanne and Dave’s. Cindy
and John were on their way over so we stuck around and visited for a couple
hours. Now we are home so I decided to get the blog out of the way.

Tomorrow I am going to see Bob and we will likely  go kayaking.

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