Thursday, October 23, 2014

A small project. 10-23-14

A couple years ago I bought a new top for the jeep complete with
new hardware
from “Bestop”.
Fortunately I kept the old hardware because one of the important
parts on the new one broke. It is a piece of tubing that connects the
first bow of the top to the windshield frame.

Below is the factory part (unbroken).


Here is where it broke.


The old hardware had also broken years ago in the same place and my
son-in-law, Morgan had replaced the broken tubing with a 1/8”X1”
flat bar. It worked but I thought I could make it stronger
with a piece of square tubing. It worked quite well until I got the new top
and replaced everything.

When the new hardware broke I just replaced it with the old hardware.
Unfortunately the old hardware has developed some other issues.
I decided to take some of the good parts of both sets of hardware
and make  one good set. I hope :o)

It didn’t take much to change the parts. I just had to clamp the bow down
and cut the old broken piece off.


and replace it with the old modified part.


Of course I had to do the same thing on both sides.

Well, It wasn’t a big project but it needed to be done.

Ronda and her husband Tom came by around 4:00 and I gave them our
I kind of hated to get rid of it but I have to be honest; I'd probably never
erect it again anyway.


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