Saturday, October 11, 2014

Projects and football 10-11-14

I got a call Thursday from from Matt. He and Mike needed some more
money for materials for the paint job on the jeep. Patti and I went over
to Mike’s to give them some money and check out the progress.
The jeep is looking pretty good but I didn’t take any pictures. I’m waiting
until it is finished then I’ll show you what it looks like.

Yesterday, I finished the repair on the auger. First I sanded the extra
epoxy off the handle then I unclamped the auger from the vice.


I had to figure out how long the cutlery screws were so I used an outside
caliper to measure them.


I transferred that measurement to a spot on the auger handle that was a little
wider than the screws were long so I could recess them. 


Once I got the spots marked it was time to drill the holes so I clamped the
handle in the drill press vice. Selected a drill bit that was the same size as the
shaft of the screws.


I drilled through the handle with the small drill and then used a larger drill to
counter sink the screws. I drilled the large holes a bit too deep so I mixed up some
JB Weld to fill in the gaps. I inserted the screws. Now once the epoxy sets the
handle should stay fixed.

My next project was to sand and stain the pedestal for the table in the cabin,


I sanded the pedestal with some course sand paper just to get the old finish off.
Then I looked around in my paint locker for some dark wood stain. All I could find
was some dark brown leather dye. Leather dye? Wood stain? What’s the
difference? This particular dye is alcohol based so it dries almost instantly. I put
some dye on a rag and spread it all over the pedestal. It came out a little more
red than I wanted but it will work under the table.


I wanted something to protect the stain and found some “semi gloss” clear
polyurethane which I painted the pedestal with. It came out pretty good.


Last evening we went to a Santa Rosa HS football game. Harvey got to play but
they lost anyway.


Okay that’s it for now.

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