Thursday, October 9, 2014

A paddle on the Russian River 10-9-14

I went over to Bob’s yesterday. We went to Monte Rio and put in at the town
boat ramp.


I got in the water first as Bob had to park his car and then had to go back for
his hat.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that.

Once we got settled we headed down stream.


Right now the river’s mouth is closed so the river is like a long lake. We paddled
down stream for a while and stopped along the shore for a break. While we were
sitting there we were treated to the sight of this pretty young girl
paddling by on her paddle board.


We continued down the river enjoying the warm day and the beginnings of fall


Further down stream we spotted a Great Blue Herron at the edge of some
water weeds.


As we paddled along I noticed that people who live along the bank of the river
have not pulled up their floating docks yet this year.


A little ways down stream past the docks we spotted a turtle sunning on a log.


Just down stream from the turtle was an interesting tree with two Cormorants
perched on it.


Eventually we ended up at the Villa Grand hole and hung around there for
a long time eating snacks and BSing.  While we were there this young
Mallard drake came by and hung out with us.


I was looking at this old cabin on the cliff above the hole. The construction
techniques are pretty interesting.


Take a look at the sub roof, I bet that makes for an interesting ceiling if it is
open beamed.


There is also a Osprey nest in a tree near the hole.


After a while we headed back up stream. A nice breeze had come up and
pushed us along with very little paddling.


We stopped under some trees. A nice spot to sit for a while.


Further on we noticed a few small ducks feeding in the weeds.


We continued up stream and saw a few Cormorants on the water.


In another weed patch we saw another Blue Herron.


Eventually we made it back to the boat ramp, got off the river and headed for home.

It was a fun relaxing day so I don’t know why I am so tired. :o)

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