Saturday, October 4, 2014

A week at the cabin building benches and digging in springs. part 2


Slept in to almost 10:00.

After breakfast I started working on the second bench. Took a break for lunch around 1:30.

Bob showed up around 2:30.

After a while Bob and I drove up to the Bear Spring to do a little digging to see if it made sense to tap the spring. There is some water available but it looks like it would be tough to get it down the hill to the tank.

In the evening Bob cooked us a wonderful Chinese dinner complete with home made noodles.



While Bob was cooking we were visited by a Palliated Woodpecker drinking at our water feature.


Ate dinner it was great and BS’ed until bed time.


Goofed off first part of the day.


Another woodpecker visited the water.


In the afternoon Bob and I went up to the Bear Spring and dug a little looking for the source of the water.


Had a steak for dinner.


Bob and I walked down the road to the shooting area to get some of the redwood fencing that I am using for the legs for the benches. We found bear scat on road. 


The scat isn’t real fresh, probably a couple weeks old. 

Bob left to go kayaking around noon. Patti left to go home around 1:00.

I spent the day working on the second bench. I decided to use a 1-1/4 inch auger because it is smaller than the one that I used for the first bench. I thought it would be easier to turn. On the second hole the drill got jammed on a hard area in the log and when I forced it, the handle to the auger split.


I’ll have to fix that handle again.

I finished the bench but I’m not sure where to put it yet.

Bob came back from kayaking around 8:30


Around noon we went to the Bear Spring and did a little more digging.


We were looking for a main source of the water but it didn’t really pay out. We followed a small stream but it never increased in flow.


Got up at the normal time, had breakfast and sat around for a while.
Bob left around noon. I packed up the van and cleaned up the cabin and left for home around 3:00.

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