Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It is always good to have someone new to go on rides with. That way you can go back to places several times. Yesterday we took Bob to the Kofa. I decided to go out “flat tire road” (I call it flat tire road because on our first trip in the Kofa we had a flat tire on this trail) to De La Osa Well. Mary Ann and Randy followed in their jeep and Patti sat in the back seat of Clifford. We took off at 10:00, drove down 95 to Crystal Hill Road where we turned left and followed it to the Pipeline road. We stopped to check out the one cylinder motor that runs a generator that puts a voltage on the underground gas pipe to keep it from corroding. 


We continued along the pipeline road and took the turn off to Scotts well which is a game watering station.



After checking out Scots Well, we continued across the desert and up flat tire canyon where we stopped to walk up a side canyon that we have walked before. It is a pretty canyon so it is always a nice walk.



From there we continued along the trail until we got to the end at De La Osa well, another game watering place, where we had lunch.


After lunch we drove back through flat tire canyon and took a trail to the MST&T road which we followed to 95 and then back to Quartzsite.

The back seat in Clifford was pretty rough on Patti so we will have to do something different the next time we have company riding  with us. 

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