Thursday, February 16, 2012


When Patti went to the casino on Tuesday she signed up for a slot tournament to take place on Wednesday.

Wednesday Patti left for Parker at 9:00 in the Jeep. Bob and I took off for the Colorado River after lunch in Bob’s van. We drove west to the Ehrenberg exit and went south along the river on the dirt road. We drove about five miles to a likely looking slough and put the kayaks in the water. It was pretty windy and the sky was threatening rain


but once we were on the water we were protected by the tulles and trees so it wasn’t very bad.


We paddled upwind to one end of the south end of the slough, turned around and let the wind help us paddle back to the other end. It was about a three mile round trip and we spent around three hours on the water.

We loaded up the boats and drove south along the River looking for other sloughs to explore in the future. On the way back we took a side road and after a mile or so we got the van stuck in some soft sand. No problem. We have four wheel drive right? Bob put the van in 4WD and tried to back up. It sank even deeper. Ok, so we got out and let the tire pressure down to about twenty pounds and tried it again. “Uh, Bob I don’t think your four wheel drive is working because the rear tires are spinning but the front ones aren’t doing anything to help.” Well, after doing some digging and putting some sticks under the back tires. I had to help by pushing on the front of the van. We eventually got out and turned around. it was decided that one of the front locking hubs was faulty. Unfortunately we were busy getting unstuck so I didn’t think to get pictures. On the way home we went to Blythe, stopped at the Napa store and Bob ordered a new set of hubs.

We got home around 5:00 and Patti was waiting us for out front of the RV. When we pulled up she got out of the jeep. I thought that she had just gotten home but as it turned out she had neglected to take the key to the front door of the motor home and had to wait for us to get home.

She did pretty good at the casino and came in second in her session. She got $30 of free play and ended up making back the money that she lost the previous day.

Bob and I went to Blythe today to get the new hubs and I had a dentist appointment. We also stopped at the Jeep dealer so I could pick up the parts I ordered on Monday. The parts that they had were wrong so they had to reorder them and will let me know when they come in.

When we got home Bob replaced the hub on the van.


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