Wednesday, February 15, 2012


On Monday morning I went to Blythe to talk to a mechanic to find out about getting the engine in the Jeep ether fixed or rebuilt. He told me that it needed to be rebuilt but he didn’t do rebuilds. He called another shop and that guy said that he wouldn’t do it ether. He called Napa to see if they could get a rebuilt engine and found that they could get one but no one wants to install them. I have decided to wait until I get home and rebuild the engine my self. It still runs good but has a lot of blow bye so it throws oil out the top of then valve cover.

Monday afternoon our friend Bob showed up for a visit. He will be here for a week.

Yesterday Bob and I took a ride with Junior, Dave, Shirley, Bill, Mary Ann and Randy.

Patti went to the Blue Water Casino with Jo Ann.

We went to the north Plamosa mountains and went over Quin Pass which is a fairly steep trail. On the other side of the pas we followed the trail


to an outcrop of red rocks



where we enjoyed the view.


We left there and dropped into a wash that ran north. The wash is a lot of fun because it has some rock shelves to negotiate.




We made it through the wash and hit a trail that took us to the big hole.


from there we continued north.

About noon it started to sprinkle so we decided to try and get to a large man made cave that we had visited last year. Along the way we stopped at some large round rocks with several caves in them.


While we were there Junior tried to convince Rand to drive his Rubicon up the side of one of the larger rocks but Randy wasn’t confident that his jeep could make it. After some discussion randy let Junior have the keys and Junior drove the jeep top the top of the rock,



turned it around and drove back down.


Randy is learning a lot about the capabilities of his jeep. He is brand new to Jeeping but is getting more confident all the time.

It turned out to be a lot farther than we thought to the cave. After a while the clouds and rain moved on so we stopped for lunch in a wash out of the wind for lunch.


After lunch we headed south again and stopped to visit a large mine tunnel along the way.




From there we went back to the cave rocks and drove through them on a steep trail.




After we went through the rocks we headed for Plomosa road and Quartzsite.

Today Patti went back to Blue Water because she signed up for a slot tournament.  She has the jeep so I’m not sure what Bob and I will do. We are thinking of going to the Colorado river to do some kayaking.

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