Saturday, April 30, 2011


Wow! it has been around 10 days since the last time I posted anything so let’s see what have we been doing.

We took a ride in the hills around Santa Rosa but had trouble getting pictures because there aren’t many places to pull off the roads to park.

Here are a couple pictures.



and a short video;

My youngest daughter “Felice” has had her surgery and the doctor said that they didn’t find any bad stuff in side her. Now we have to wait for the lab reports. She was discharged from the hospital yesterday so we went to SF to pick her up.  She is now recuperating at a friends house and is doing good.

On Tuesday we went to our grandson Harvey’s track meet. To me, a track meet is about as exciting as watching grass grow but we were there for Harvey. He won two of his four events, the hundred yard dash and the high jump.

Harvey is on the left.



I cleaned up and painted the stove that Mike gave me for the cabin and took it up to Indian Creek on Wednesday. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera so there are no pictures of the stove in place. The fitting on the hose that I was planning to use for the stove had a left hand thread so I couldn’t connect it to the stove. I will have to get a different hose and regulator. I haven’t found the right knobs for it yet. The ones that are on there are not correct.

I started taking apart “Pigpen” (my van) to rebuild the front end. As it turns out all the noise that I was getting from the front was being caused by the shocks so I don’t have to replace the ball Joints. I ordered the shocks yesterday and they should be in by Monday.


I am going to take apart the steering box next, to check for wear. I am hoping that it is okay because I don’t think I could find a new one.  

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