Monday, April 4, 2011


Yesterday, we took a ride out to the Plomosa mountains again, I was looking for rocks for the pond enlargement project.


Jo Ann , Dave, Becky and Dennis. came with us. J&D had never been to the Plomosa’s so this was all new for them. We went in on a trail that passed some really pretty rock hills.



The trail was kind of rough but Dave had no problem negotiating the tough spots.

He is getting used to his new jeep.

For some of the trip Dave and Jo Ann swapped vehicles with Dennis and Becky.



We went by the big hole near the Four Peaks. As usual we tossed a rock in the hole to show Jo and Dave how deep it is. When we dropped the rock in, a beautiful Barn Owl flew out of the hole.


We later realized that she was sitting on a nest. We didn’t stay long so she could get back on her eggs.


From there we continued north looking for a shady spot to have lunch. There is very little shade in the area so eventually we parked on a flat where there was a good breeze and had lunch in our vehicles.


After lunch we worked our way back to Plomosa road.

On the way out we saw one of the largest lizards that we have seen in this desert. It is called a “Common Chuckwalla”.


For the Last few evenings we have heard a noise that we could not identify. It sounded like some one blowing on a small police whistle. On Friday evening we finally found out what the noise was.

It is called a “Red Spotted Toad”.


They have been having sex in our pond.


The video quality is pretty poor do to the fact that we had only a flash light for elimination.

Patti got some nice sunset pictures Saturday night.



and has been busy photographing the local wildlife.



Yesterday afternoon Patti got a good video of the Road Runner with a lizard

and one of it doing its little dance on the gazing ball.

I have been making some good progress on the pond enlargement project. Today I completed stacking the rocks for the perimeter.


The next thing I have to do is get some sand to put on the bottom. Then I have to go to Home Depot to get a liner. That means a trip to Lake Havasu City. a drive of about 75 miles. I will get the pond done this year and next season I will build the mountain and waterfall.

The Cactus in our yard are beginning to bloom, IMG_5531

even the ones that we planted the other day.




Jo Ann and Dave are packing up to leave for the summer we will be sad to see them go. They are real nice folks and we have had a lot of fun with them. Last evening we and the rest of the group went out for a final dinner with them. 

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