Wednesday, April 20, 2011



We left Quartzsite around 11:00


and made it to the AVI Casino near Laughlin, Nevada with no problem. We got there around 1:00. The Casino has a shuttle to the RV park so we went to lunch at the casino. I left Patti at the casino and she came back at 5:30 only $20 down. Not bad!!

With AAA discount the park rent is only $21.50 per night. 

I'm using the parks  free wifi It is a little slow 5 to 9 mbps but Verizon wireless doesn't work at all here. I might try it later tonight.


We left the AVI casino RV park around 9:30 and drove to Kettleman City where we stopped for dinner at Mikes Road House Café. Patti said that her hamburger was good. I had a hot roast beef sandwich that was unremarkable.

It was windy as hell all the way from AVI almost to Bakersfield.

Coming over the Tehachapi's we were being blown all over the road. I was doing a maximum of 55 mph and I had a death grip on the steering wheel.

The wind died just before we got to Bakersfield and the rest of the drive wasn't bad.

We stopped for the night at the "Sommerville Almond Tree" RV park, on the west side of I-5 at the Jayne Ave exit.


The ride from Jayne Ave was uneventful and we arrived home at 2:00.

I got an email from Becky & Dennis with pictures of Roy’s newest camera setup.


They went out to the shaft today. Apparently the system worked and they got some good footage. I hope Roy can send me a copy of the movie so I can try to show some of it to you.


I woke up to the sound of rain. I miss Arizona. 

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