Thursday, April 7, 2011


Tuesday, we went to Lake Havasu to purchase the liner for the pond. We left home around 10:00, got to Home Depot around 11:45, bought the liner and went to Wal Mart to get a few things. From there we stopped at Panda Express for lunch and arrived home at about 3:00. After a rest, we installed the liner, put some rocks on it to hold it down and filled it with water.


Yesterday, Dianne and Wayne came up for a visit. We had lunch outside under the awning, as the weather was uncertain and it sprinkled a few times. We had a good visit and they left about 3:30. Dianne seams a little better and can stand (with help ) for a few seconds, enough to get in and out of their Bronco.

Today we took a ride with Suzanne, Roy, Becky, and Dennis. The plan was to make our way to the Mailbox Cabin (Apache Chief Mine) and find some rocks to finish the pond. Roy said there was a shale outcrop in a wash near there. We did some exploring along the way checking out a couple of trails that we hadn’t been on before. On one trail we crossed a wash that had an interesting rock formation. It was a conglomerate with many different types of rock in it; shale's, granites, black volcanic rocks, green rocks etc. All pressed together.


Where is a geologist when you need one?

The trail split up into several cul-de-sac’s. We retraced our route to the road along the south side of I-10 and continued our trip to the Apache Chief. We took another side trip through an area that was an old mine. We had passed this road several times but never checked it out before. The place had not been used for a long time and the buildings were very dilapidated.


On the top of a small hill we found a vertical shaft that was very deep. Roy has ordered a “key fob camera that he is going to rig on a fishing pole so we can check out some of these shafts but it hasn’t arrived yet so used the old drop a rock technique to judge how deep the shaft was.


It was Very Deep !

From there we drove around the area a little and checking out some of trails. Eventually we hit on a trail that went into a wash that eventually turned onto one of the roads that goes to the Mailbox Cabin. At the cabin we stopped for lunch sitting at a picnic table.


When we left the cabin we followed the washes back north looking for the shale outcrop. We didn’t find it but we did pick up a lot of flat rocks along the way.

We got home around 3:00, unloaded the jeep and spent about an hour setting the rocks around the pond.


It is cool and windy this evening. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it but there are no toads breeding in the pond. It could be that they are all done breeding for the season or just tired out from all the sex the last several nights.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I put the doors and windows on the Jeep.

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