Friday, January 7, 2011


On the east side of The Three Peaks, which is in the North Plomosa Mountains is a very deep open mine shaft. Junior has been trying to show it to David but has been having trouble finding it, so yesterday Patti and I took Junior and David out there.

We left the park around noon, drove up AZ-95 to Plomosa Rd and drove East where we turned into the mountains at the historical marker.


I didn’t want to just drive directly to the “hole” so we took a couple of side trails.

One trail went to hill that was mostly composed of brick red rock and I wanted to check it out because I had never been there before.



From there we followed a trail that went into a wash going North. We came to a spot in the wash where we had to chose a left or a right turn. The last time Patti and I had been in this wash we had turned right so I knew that direction would take us eventually to the “big hole” but as I said, I didn’t want to just go directly there so we took the trail to the left. I was hoping that it would eventually work its way over to the Three Peaks. Unfortunately after about a mile the track petered out in the bottom of a narrow wash.


We turned around and retraced our path to the intersection and after traveling for a couple of miles we came to the hole.


From there we continued north through the rocky hills


and eventually ended up back at Plomosa Rd.

Today we are getting the small awnings replaced on “Plan B”

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