Thursday, January 6, 2011


The weather is improving every day. Yesterday was bright and clear but with a cold though light breeze.

We took a ride yesterday, to Diablo Pass which is only about five miles northwest of Quartzsite. Of course we went the long way around and spent about four hours playing in the desert. We climbed some steep hills


and drove through some bumpy washes. The intention was to look for meteor fragments. Roy has a map of meteor strikes in Arizona and Diablo pass was one of the sights marked on the map so of course we had to check it out.

Along the way we turned into a large wash to find a place for lunch.


Suzanne found a real nice Ram’s horn in the wash.


We made several stops along the trail and spread out with our extendable magnets to see if we could pick up any fragments.


Becky did pick up some very small magnetic stones but they didn’t look like meteor chips. I think she saved them and is going to have them checked by one of the rock hounds in the park.

When we got to Diablo Pass I noticed a trail going to the top of the ridge to our right so We drove to the top for the view.

It was kind of tricky getting the rigs turned around. The Rhino’s were the last to the top so didn’t have much room to maneuver.


It was a bit of a challenge but eventually we got them heading back down the hill.



The jeeps had a little more room and were no problem to get turned around.


DSC00175 “picture by Becky”

Once again it was a fun ride and every one got home safe.

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