Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yesterday we went to the “French Quarter”


for a weenie roast. With us were Missy, Junior, Suzanne, Roy, Cindy and David. A little later “Camo Bill” and a friend of his named Robert.


We had the same old rituals; the big white man fire,


hotdogs burned on the stick and lots of laughs. 

After lunch it was time to ventilate the water heater.


Boy, a .45 makes nice big holes.

It was nice to get out for a while and we had a lot of fun.

On the way to the French Quarter we pass a drive way with a very interesting keep out sign post. Fans of “Dr Who” may recognize this character as a “Darlic” Usually they shout “Exterminate” and “zap” everything in sight. If you aren’t a Dr Who fan you won’t get it.

Sign post.




The likeness is close enough (I think) to be intentional. But that might just be my interpretation.

In the evening we went to Suzanne and Roy’s to play cards.The game we played was called “Five Crowns” and is a type of “Rummy” but is played with three special decks of cards. There is no way I could explain the game to you here except to say it was a lot of fun and laughs.

A break in the action. Suzanne brought out snacks.


We were playing in S&R’s Arizona room. The temperature out side got down to 35 by the time we broke up the game at around 10:00 and the heater in the AZ room could bearly keep up with the cold.

It was another fun day in Quartzsite.

Today was laundry day. Patti did the laundry while I squeezed five bottles of Grapefruit juice and washed the kitchen floor.

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