Sunday, August 1, 2010


When Joanne and Dave were visiting us in Brookings they told us about a real Nice cabin that they were planing on staying at in Truckee CA for the last few days of there vacation. We had discussed going home via Truckee to stop by and see the place but it was way out of our way so we decided not to.
On Thursday morning Patti was talking with Joanne on the phone. By the time they were done talking we had been invited up to Truckee for for a couple of days visit. We left here around 1:30 in Patti's Trailblazer and arrived at the "Cabin" around 5:00The "Cabin" is actually a three bedroom two bath log home.


Living room:

I personally don't feel that a building with more than one room qualifies as a cabin. We went out to dinner and spent the evening just hanging out at the "Cabin" with
J & D.
Joanne and Dave weren't really familiar with the area so after breakfast on Friday we took them for a ride north of Truckee to Jackson Meadows reservoir.

There are several large lakes in the Jackson Meadows area. We Stopped at Milton lake

and lake of the woods.

We left Joanne and Dave around 10:00 Saturday morning. On the way home we stopped by to visit with our friends Kris and Kim who live in Pilot hill.

They have inherited some Pygmy Goats and Patti got a chance to feed them some corn chips.

A virtual goat feeding frenzy en sewed.

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