Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well its Thursday and the fog came in last night. It is very welcome.
The last few days have been very hot.

Tuesday 08-24-10

It got to 106 in Santa Rosa today.
Around 3:30, I drove over to Bob's to rip the 2X2's that I brought home, on his table saw. The saw is outside and we could only work for short periods of time before we had to take a break. After a few minutes, just standing there feeding
2x2's into the saw I was perspiring so hard that sweat was running into my eyes.
We had to take several breaks but by evening, we had all the 2x2's ripped into 1/2x2.
I had supper with Bob and headed for home.

Wednesday, 08-25-10
Another hot day.

I took the doors and windows off the jeep this morning. I left the top on for shade.
I took Patti out to lunch at Costco. We were going there any way to buy a mattress topper for the bed in "Plan B".
After lunch we went to Friedman Bros. to get some hinges, screws, nails and stuff for the cabin.
I don't know what the temperature was but it was so hot that we couldn't wait to get back to our nice cool house.
We were home for a couple hours when Patti remembered that she had to pick up a book she had ordered so she decided to take the jeep over to the book store.
After around 20 minutes I get a call from Patti. It seams that the jeep wouldn't start when she came out of the store.
I didn't have the keys to her car so I jumped in the van and drove to the rescue.
When I got there I couldn't get the jeep to start. I checked the spark and that was good. I could smell a little gas so maybe it just flooded. I tried to start it a couple more times without success. Okay here we are in a mall parking lot with the jeep stuck about half way out of the spot. What to do?
Then it dawns on me that the jeep is set up to tow. Off I go again back to the house to get the tow bar for the jeep. A few minutes later I am back at the jeep. In order to get the jeep into position I had to use the starter with the jeep in gear. After a short time we had Clifford connected and we were off for home.

Thursday, 08-26-10

It was too hot yesterday to do much with the jeep so I just parked it and will look at it today. I am hopping that it was just badly flooded and will start now that it is cool.

I am going back up to IC on Monday so I will post another blog before then to let you know what's going on.

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