Sunday, August 15, 2010


When I arrived at the cabin around 1:00, Joanne and Dave were already there.
We visited for a while and then drove in Dave’s truck down to the creek to get some big rocks for Dave. It took only about a half hour to gather the rocks Then we drove back up the hill, Through the two gates and around the mountain , down the hill and into the “holler” (An old logging flat) where the cabin sits.
A little later I unloaded all the domestic supplies, Bedding, clothing and food from the van; and started moving in.
Joanne and Dave left around 5:00 and I set up housekeeping in the cabin..
Had a simple meal of canned tamales mixed with chili no beans.


I slept in this morning, it was just so nice and warm in my cot that when the sun came through the torn up plastic window in the east wall and shined in my eyes, I just moved my head out of the way and went back to sleep.
I dragged my ugly butt out of bed some time later and after dressing I shambled off for my morning perambulation to the privy, over a hundred yards from my front door.
When I got back to the cabin I fixed my standard breakfast; Oatmeal with raisins, dried cherries, a banana and a cup of hot chocolate.
I lingered over the hot chocolate listening to the peoples radio station of Mendocino County. By around 10:30 I had, had enough. I turned off the radio and went outside to see what I could get done today.
I loaded the generator into the wheelbarrow so I can move it around and moved it off to the side so that when Dave came up we could share the power.
I got my work space all set up with all the tools I thought I would need.
The first job was, to put down a toe board to set the bottom of the siding on.
I pulled a rough cut 1X4 that was over 16 feet long, out of my remaining stack of material.
I got that all measured, cut and installed, then drug a really rough 1X12 onto the work table. I looked it over and figured I might be able to get three 42” pieces of siding out of this 16 foot plank.
I laid my square down on the board about a foot from the broken and splintered end and made a mark across it.
Now it was time to start the generator.
I walked over to the generator turned on the gas valve, turned on the engine switch set the choke and pulled the cord. As expected the generator did not start, they seldom do on the first or even second try.
Okay, so I check the gas and find that it is very low (like empty) so I top off the tank with a jug of fuel that is about a year old. I try again and again but with not even a pop from the engine.
Ok, I am a mechanical kind of guy, I figure no sweat, I can fix this so I put the generator on my work table, I break out my tools and start to take things apart. The first thing I realize is that all the nuts and bolts on this thing are “METRIC” and I have no metric tools with me. Fortunately, I have one very small crescent wrench and am able to get the covers off.

I drained the fuel from the carb bowl and the lines.
After that, I took a short break to let the gas fumes dissipate then tried pulling the cord several more times.
Still no good.
I removed the spark plug and tried to see if there was any spark but it was so bright out there that I couldn’t see a spark so I decided that it was time to take a long break in the shade and ruminate on the situation.
I picked up my current read and my chair and moved into the shade. I read for a while and the next thing I know, the shade has moved and the sun is beating down on the back of my neck waking me up with sweat running down my face and dripping onto the page of the book. I look around blurrily. The sun was still beating on the work table so I decided that it was time for a shower

and maybe a short nap.
As it turned out I didn’t get back to the generator until after supper and around dark. With the plug pulled and laid against the block, I pulled the starter cord and there was a strong spark across the gap.
So now where was I?
I have, spark and fuel and still, no run.
That’s enough for today I'll sleep on it.


Slept in again.
Got to the generator around 10:00.
I had decided to drain the year old fuel and replace it with fresher fuel. I also checked to be sure there was plenty of oil in the crank case. I have found before that some generators have a low oil safety switch that won’t allow the engine to start if the oil is low.
Everything looked ok, so after a suitable time to allow the gas fumes to dissipate I turned on the fuel, then the engine switch, then set the choke.
Okay, here we go! pull the cord! Again! Again!…..Again!……And again!……And Aw shucks, It still won’t start.
Okay I have spent enough time messing with this generator. It is time to get some work done so now its time to fall back to my roots. It’s time to break out….“the hand saw”.

Dave showed up around noon and after visiting for a bit he went down to start working on his spot and platform for his wall tent. By quitting time he had most of his foundation posts set and was almost ready to start laying out the beams.

I was able to get one long side of the cabin sided even though I had to cut every board by hand.



Woke up at a reasonable time and were ready to get started working by around 9:00
We drove Dave’s truck up to the mill site to get beams and some planks for Dave’s platform. We were back at camp by 10:00 and unloaded the beams and planks from the truck.
I worked on siding for the back end of the cabin. I was hoping that there would be enough “one by” left to build a full height wall covering at least half of the back but I only had enough lumber to cover about a quarter of the wall to full height and there still is a gap of about 4 feet in the short siding.

I am hoping I will be able to scrounge enough wood out of the scrap that is left at the mill site to finish off the back wall.
I have another small window like the one next to the door so I think if I frame it in the right way it may be possible to fill in the rear wall all the way to the center post.

Dave got a lot done on his platform.

I’ll have to finish the siding and windows on the cabin soon so I can get the lumber sorted out for my front porch., then Dave can have what’s left for his decking.


Got up with a back ache this morning so it is probably a good that I planned to head back to Santa Rosa today.
Dave and I each spent some time this morning working on our projects.
I pulled all the 1X4 off the wood stack except for one piece that I am saving and cut the boards down to 8 footers, then loaded them into the van to take home to split into 1X2 for the window and screen frames.

After lunch we loaded up the rigs and were heading for home by 2:30.


By the time I got to Santa Rosa yesterday I could hardly get out of the van. My back was hurting pretty bad, I had a hard time just getting into the house. After I took a couple of Ibuprofen, sat around for a while and took a hot shower I felt a little better.
After a night on my good bed and some more pain killers my back was feeling even better by noon today so I set up my trim saw on the patio table, and with Patti’s help we were able to split all that 1X4 into 1X2. I think there is 196 feet of 1X2.


Okay, I know, I am late with the blog.
But I have a really great excuse!
“My dog ate my laptop?”
“Oh! that’s right I don’t have a dog“.
Well, my laptop was attacked by malicious software but with some good advice from my friend Bob we got it cleared up quickly.
So, I guess I don’t have an excuse except to say I’m an old retired fart and don’t work to dead lines anymore.
Patti and I went shopping for screen for the cabin today and found some at Home Depot.
We drove by Tap Plastics to buy the plastic for the windows but it being Sunday, they were closed today.
Tomorrow I am going to take the generator to “Gardeners Aid” to have them look at it.
If they can get it fixed before Patti comes up to IC this weekend she can bring it up with her.
The plan is for me to go up to Indian Creek Tuesday and stay until at least the following Monday or maybe longer.

Without a generator it won’t be possible to keep the lap top charged for very long which will make it difficult to keep the blog up to date.

Okay that’s all for now,
I’ll talk to you the next time I am in town, maybe in a couple of weeks.

I didn't know where to put this picture but I just like the dicotamy in it.

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