Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Okay lets see it's "umm", Tuesday.
Yeah, I know, I said I would write in the blog on Saturdays but I didn't get back home until yesterday and just didn't feel like writing when I got home.

I went up to the cabin last Tuesday, without the generator. I didn't want to take the time to mess with it so I took it to "Gardners Aid".

The first few days at the cabin, I kept a daily log but after 3 days the batteries went low so I stopped keeping the daily log so some of the later stuff is from memory.


Today is Tuesday.
I got a late start this morning. Well, actually, I didn’t get out of Santa Rosa until just after noon. But, I’m retired, so what’s the hurry anyway.
The ride up to IC was easy with very little traffic. It was nice to be able to take time and enjoy the scenery.
When I arrived at the cabin I saw that everything was as I had left it last Friday.
I unloaded the van and got settled into the cabin.
Searching through the scrap lumber stacks nearby I came up with enough pieces of lumber to finish off the bottom half of the siding on the back wall.
I worked on that for a while and cut all the boards to length.
Right now I am sitting at my small table with the keroseen lamp eluminating my keypad so I can see to type. A small fire is crackling in the stove, the stove door is open, I'm listening to some music on my battery operated radio and writing to you.
Which reminds me , I have to quit for now as I am running on battery time and don’t want to waste it.
Till tomorrow then?


It was foggy and cool when I got up this morning.
After breakfast (around 9:30) I started working on the siding for the back wall. I drove Pigpen up to the mill site to see if I could find some more usable lumber. The pickings are getting slim, I did however manage to find a good long 2x4, a couple of 2X2’s and two long pieces of one by.
One is a 1X6 and I think it will be good enough to maybe use for the window casement.
The weather got real warm after lunch so not much work got done until this evening after it cooled down.
I measured and cut the 2X4 to make the frame for the window and got the window rough framed and finished siding that upper section of the wall between the window and the center post.

Okay, batterie’s are going fast so, talk to you tomorrow.


It was a bright clear morning. That means it will be a very hot afternoon.

I began working on the back wall and window some more. I got the window set but I need to buy some “T” hinges and other hardware so I can make it open and close. It will also need to be trimmed out when I trim the rest of the building.
Patti arrived around 2:00 and it is already getting to hot to work. I was happy to see her, especially when I noticed that she had brought the generator.
We took a break until the evening when it became a lot cooler, then we finished the window.


A beautiful clear morning again.
Patti and I concentrated our work on the back wall of the cabin.
We got the whole wall sided although we used up all that was left of one by’s for the siding.
We actually ran short and ended up with a gap in the siding 17 inches wide.
A perfect opportunity for another window. I had to use 2X2's to frame the opening because I am out of 2X4's. and used 1X2's and 1X1's for the actual window frame.

It is glazed with clear plastic film for now.

After supper we drove down to the Grove to visit with Joanne, Dave, Matt, Elisa and her dad Ray. They are spending the weekend at the Grove for Elisa’s birthday.


This morning started cold and foggy. I can hear water dripping of the eaves of the cabins metal roof. Drip....Drip....Drip. I pull the covers over my head and snuggle down in my warm bunk.
A low grumble roles through my bowls.
Oh, Oh.
I jump from my bed, struggle hurriedly into my clothes and bolt from the door. I carefully make my way down the front steps. Then as fast as my gimpy leggs can carry me I begin the hundred plus yard limp to the crapper.
Some day I have to get a septic system dug so we don't have to go all the way out to that Privy.

It stayed cool all day.
Patti and I spent the morning finishing up on the back wall and installed the first screen on the left side front window.

In the afternoon we went down to the grove to have supper with the gang down there.
We bar'b'qued some steaks and asperaguss and had potato salad.

It was Elisa's birthday so for dessert we had the biggest cupcakes I had ever seen.

Elisa really enjoyed hers.


We spent the morning packing Pigpen for the trip home and arived home around 1:00

I am home now to rip some 2x2 down to 1/2 x2 for bats and trim and to re-supply. I probably won't go back up to IC until Monday.

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