Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Quick Trip to the Cabin.



I had to go up to the cabin to pick up some cables for the XM radio in the RV and check things out because of the bear report.

Everything at the cabin was just fine. The only thing that I found that is still a problem is the Bat is still living in the cabin some where. I found a pile of bat guano in front of the woodstove where I always find it. I guess I still haven’t found the place where the bat is entering the cabin. I’ll just have to keep checking for light coming in and sealing any gaps I find.  It doesn’t take much of a space for a bat to squeeze through.

I removed the barbeque from Dave’s tent and put it in the dining hall so if the bear comes by again it won’t smell the barbeque in the tent and possibly break in.

On the way home from the cabin we stopped at Walmart to get a couple of things for our trip up north.
We got home by 1:30. It was already getting very hot by then so we took it easy the rest of the day.

That was our day.  

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