Friday, July 29, 2016

Catching up.


The last couple of days.



I had a doctors appointment. Nothing serious just my annual physical. My cholesterol is getting high. So far three of my doctors have recommended that I start taking a statin. This one was no exception. I have resisted this for a few years but since I have had one aneurism repaired and have another on my heart the statins sound like they may be a good idea.


I had to get some blood drawn.
I got that done early.
When I got home I washed the RV as it was filthy from sitting in a dirt field near the freeway for the last few months. That took an hour or so.
Washing this big RV is kind of like giving a bath to four elephants.

After I finished washing the RV we drove to Walmart to pick up my new pills.

We are slowly getting stuff loaded in the RV for our trip to Canada.

Today (Friday) and tomorrow will be the busiest days getting ready.

Okay that’s the last couple of days.
Not very exciting but productive.

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