Sunday, July 10, 2016

New Shoes for Patti some last Minute Stuff on the Jeep.


New shoes for Patti.

Patti wanted me to go with her to find some new walking shoes. The hiking boots she has aren’t comfortable so she doesn’t wear them. She normally wears tennis shoes and she slips and slides a lot. We decided that what she needed was a pair of low top walking shoes with good grip.

We went to REI and found a pair of Keens that she found to be very comfortable.



A Little Work on the Jeep.

I have a bruise on my left elbow from hitting the door pull on the inside of the drivers door on the jeep. I had the same problem with the old jeep and I have had this bruise for about 8 years.


The original pull on this jeep is made of rubber and is softer than the one in the old jeep but it still hurts my elbow when it hits the pull going over bumps.


I rummaged through my scraps of leather and came up with a piece of soft tanned buffalo hide. I cut a strip of the hide about
2-1/4 inches wide, sprayed the rough side with contact glue and folded the strip in half along the long axes and stuck it together.
I replaced the old rubber pull with a new soft leather pull.



I have been trying to find a place for the high lift jack that I bought for the jeep. Every place I have tried to mount the jack, it interferes with something. After several attempts to find a good mounting place I decided to put it inside across the back. The jack is in the way a bit and it some times rattles but it is the only place it fits.


Okay, that was yesterday.

I am going to visit Bob today and see if I can help him with the engine replacement in his van.

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