Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Patti’s new knee day 2.


Here is a representation of what the new knee joint looks like.


I got to the hospital around 10:00; Patti was sitting up bright and cheerful.


I asked her how it was going and she replied that she felt great and had no pain.
She still hadn’t taken any pain medication.

I was surprised at how small the bandage was.


The green thing around her leg is a compression boot. it is to prevent blood clots.

After about an hour, the PT technician came and got Patti out of bed and helped her to the bathroom. He took her for a walk down the hall and back.


After the walk he had her doing some exercises.

I went home for lunch and by the time I returned around 3:45, the PT guy had been back and worked Patti pretty hard.

She confided in me that now she was experiencing some discomfort.
Well, that’s the PT guys job; to cause pain.
No pain, no gain. Smile
I had to convince her to ask for some pain meds.

About a half hour after she took the meds she was feeling better.

I will be picking Patti up after 10:30 tomorrow morning. It will be nice to have her home again.

Stay tuned!

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